Simon “Silverback” Domingos

Simon “Silverback” Domingos

Mixed Fitness Trainer


Meet Simon the Silverback.

Simon loves training because every day is different, every day there is something new. He hates feeling stale and being in the same routine, so he loves the dynamic, varied nature of the training. He loves the challenge and seeing the results. Every day is a new story, and every day brings new results.

Simon’s classes are active and varied, your heart rate stays up, and you’re having fun doing it. You’re sweating, but not in a draining way. You’ll have fun sweating. Simon does excellent work, especially with women and children (over 8).

Simon’s sessions are fast paced & fun, so if you’re getting bored with your old routine or you’ve never had a good time training, Simon is the solution. Click here to apply for a free week trial.


High Intensity Training
Ladies Fitness & Toning
Kids Fitness, Core Strength & Co-ordination
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