Why Online Coaching

The old way of getting fit and healthy is going to be left behind with the fast changes that are happening now. This is how you can stay ahead of curve

Very few people have experienced just how powerful working with an online coach can be in their lives.

You may think that online coaching won’t work for you because you don’t have the motivation or the time, or you may just believe that it doesn’t work. But ask yourself, why do you think that’s the case?

Do you just think it is still too new, do you think it won’t be as effective as promised? Maybe you’ve seen negative stuff about it, or maybe it’s just an assumption. Whatever the case, I think you’ll agree that it’s an important question right now. Below I’ll explain why it’s so important and why it can help you with looking good, feeling good and doing good, and bringing out the best of you.

Let’s say you hold work as your number one priority. Of course it’s very important, but you’ll find that as you ignore your health and wellbeing, they gradually abandon you, and the time you spend working becomes less effective, needing even more time to get it done.

And the quality of what you’re doing drops too. Of course, it’s important to prioritise work, and also family time … just remember that if you go in at your best, you’ll be the best for everyone else around you.

Of course we are saying online coaching is the way to go, since at the end of this page there is an offer to join us. And I’m willing to admit that there are other things that demand your attention, but fundamentally, if you don’t feel like you’re at your best, aren’t you short changing those other priorities? Below I’m going to share with you why working with an online coach is your #1 priority right now, and how it’ll help you in all those other areas.

Most people think that to be in the shape you want to be, you have to be motivated, or have good genetics, or have the right people around you. 

  • Motivation is important, because that’s what can help you start. But motivation inevitably fades. 
  • Good genetics (and bad genetics) have an impact, sometimes good and sometimes bad. It’s easier to succeed with great genetics, and it’s more difficult with bad genetics. Genetics are just how the story starts, not how it finishes. 
  • Being in an environment of healthy, conscientious people who are dedicated to being in great shape helps. Being around people who eat whatever they want whenever they want, and never exercise, doesn’t exactly inspire positive action (unless it motivates you to NOT be like that). But it isn’t the most important factor. 

Motivation fades, all sorts of different people with different genetics are in good and bad shape, and people succeed all the time despite their environment (and vice versa). 

So what is it that separates avatars of health and vitality from the masses? It’s the same thing that is most responsible for your success in relationships and finances and everything in between. 

Here’s the truth on that matter. Willpower is the number one most important thing. 

Think about it. If you don’t feel like doing a workout, what’s going to help you get it done? Motivation? Genetics? Environment? All of these things play a factor, and if they’re all playing against you, there’s only one thing that’ll help you. Willpower. And even if they’re all for you, you will still need some degree of strength of will. 

This is a topic that has been studied in depth. Here’s a quote from one of the scientific papers studying this: Willpower is correlated with positive life outcomes such as better grades, higher self-esteem, lower substance abuse rates, greater financial security and improved physical and mental health.” It’s not just a thought experiment or an emotional response. The importance of willpower is backed up by science. 

Truth is, you can have a great training program, excellent meal plans, great recipes, all the best equipment…. 

But, if you don’t have the willpower to do the work, you’re doomed to fail. You’ll continue on your yoyo of getting where you want to go, and then sliding. And then bouncing back up, and down. 

There’s more workouts and more diets available online for free now than ever. And yet, obesity and diabetes is still going up worldwide. It’s not lack of information that’s the problem. 

So how do you get the willpower you need?

Here are 4 assets you can start developing right now. Pick even one and you’ll experience benefits. 

  • Create a New Routine. 

Commit to a time. Even though you’re not at work doesn’t mean you can’t have routine. Make getting up early and starting your day with a workout your new normal. Set a time to wake up and get your workout in, and stick to it. Free workouts with video instruction available at www.facebook.com/groups/fscathome 

  • Set goals for each week. 

1 rep more, 1 minute more, whatever it is so that you can look back and say you’ve accomplished something and made progress this week. 

  • Create a Support Network. 

You can go fast alone, but you can go further together. It’s worth taking the time to Find other like minded people and get (and give) commitment and accountability. You can use our facebook group, www.facebook.com/groups/fscathome for that.

  • Be Accountable 

If you are held accountable for doing what you say you will, that social pressure helps you do it. Social pressure is a pressure you can leverage into boosting your willpower. If you are held accountable in the right, you will develop the discipline of executing what you say you will, no matter what.

We have the tools you need to help you become the sort of person who achieves your goals. 

We’ve used these assets and others to transform the lives of hundreds of our clients. 

It’s not a stretch to say that with just one workout you’ll feel better, clearer and healthier and you’ll know you’re moving toward your goal. 

We’re so confident of that, we have offered a no questions asked money back guarantee for years. 

Now we can reach you, where-ever you are, and transform you too. 

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