Mixed Martial Arts MMA Classes in Johannesburg and Bedfordview

Our MMA classes combine striking and grappling through a battle-tested system that is on the cutting edge of MMA anywhere in the world.

You’ll learn every aspect of the game, including punching, kicking, clinching, throwing and grappling. You’ll learn how to combine striking and grappling to adapt to and overcome any opponent.

You’ll begin each session with a warmup, and then drill attributes (reflexes, distancing etc). Next, you’ll practice the technique/s of the day by itself, and then plug the attributes back in so you can execute the technique/s effectively in combat, with proper timing. Every session you’ll walk out a better fighter.

Contact is kept light to moderate unless you’re training for competition.

MMA is the fastest growing combat sport in the world. All levels are welcome, so come in and see what the fuss is about. Click here to apply for your free trial!

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