Mixed Martial Arts MMA Classes in Johannesburg and Bedfordview


MMA was originally a combination of martial arts that has developed into its own style. A style that includes striking standing, fighting in the clinch and on the ground. 

When you get good at MMA, it doesn’t matter whether you have to fight standing, tied up in a wrestling match or fighting on the ground, you’ll be able to fight and win! 

You’ll also learn how to win the mental battles, with your opponent and with yourself. 

Contact is kept light to moderate unless you’re training for competition.

Sessions begin with a warm up then progress to reflex drills so that your skills are always being sharpened. Then onto technical training and finishing with strength and conditioning to ensure you are in fighting shape.  

Beginners are welcome. And don’t worry, you won’t ever have to do hard contact unless you want to compete and need to do it as part of your prep. 

You’ll work in semi-private small group sessions so you get all the benefits of working in a class, dealing with different bodies and personalities, and all the benefits of one on one attention.

It’s the fastest way to improve.

You can come in as a group or we can assign one to you based on your age, goals, size, experience levels and so on.

MMA is the art of fighting at all ranges, and you’ll have fun learning it.

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