Technical Boxing Training and Gym in Johannesburg and Bedfordview

Boxing, the sweet science, the art of hitting without getting hit. 

In our boxing you will learn how to hit with your hands & how to avoid getting hit.

A lot of emphasis is placed on the fundamentals of all fighting. You’ll learn how to win the physical battles, including things like timing, distancing and positioning.

You’ll also learn how to win the mental battles, how to “play the mind” to create openings. And you’ll learn how to hit with power! 

Sessions begin with a warmup then progress to technical drills to improve fundamental abilities like distancing and timing. After that you’ll do reflex drills to improve reaction speed.

Then you’ll do technique training to add more depth to your game, and you’ll finish up with play sparring to put the techniques into use. Last, you’ll do core training to make sure your body is in great shape.

You’ll work in semi-private small group sessions so you get all the benefits of working in a class, dealing with different bodies and personalities, and all the benefits of one on one attention.

It’s the fastest way to improve.

You can come in as a group or we can assign one to you based on your age, goals, size, experience levels and so on.

Boxing is the art of hitting without getting hit, and you’ll have fun learning it.

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