Habits for Health, Strength & Performance

They say those who have the strongest willpower use it the least. In other words, when decision fatigue is minimised, it’s easier to make good decisions.  The Atomic Habits system, explained beautifully by James Clear (3) is an effective, easy to understand way to start doing the things you set out to do habitually and […]

Motivation vs Habits

The approach we take to developing consistency is heavily influenced by Daniel Pink’s work on motivation (1) (2). Pink shows how offering a reward for doing something that should be enjoyable in itself makes it HARDER to build the habit, not easier. Trying to entice yourself to do something by promising yourself a reward at […]

How To Think About Your Goals So They Help You Instead Of Hold You Back

It’s important that you KNOW that how you look and how you feel is 100% in your control. We develop that sense of control with our unique goal setting methodology. The SMART method. But not the one you may know. There is a right way and a wrong way to set goals. Setting goals the […]

Willpower is The Foundation of Success

What’s the one thing you can pump up to be happier, healthier and wealthier? Everyone thinks about how they can make their lives better. What better means is different for each person obviously. There’s one thing in common when it comes to realising dreams. There’s one thing that you can strengthen that can give you […]

Health is One of the Key Drivers of Success

Everyone wants to make their lives better. Most people pass the blame for their failures and shortcomings onto others. Some few people don’t. Some people take responsibility for their lives, they believe they hold the power to shape their destiny. If you’re not part of the second group, please don’t continue reading. So if you […]

Is Coronavirus a Reason Not To Go To The Gym?

Here’s what we know so far: There are 7 different types of Coronaviruses, they were first identified in the 1960’s. Included in those seven is SARS. Remember that? Coronaviruses have poor survivability on surfaces. The main way it spreads is through respiratory droplets. Washing hands and covering your mouth when sneezing or coughing limits the […]

What If You Could Improve Performance, Reduce Sick Days, Improve Team Cohesion, and Boost Productivity Substantially?

  Many of the world’s greatest leaders in top tier companies are embracing exercise as a critical factor for overall success. More and more, work is becoming a source of fulfillment, which stands to reason since we spend most of our waking hours working. The demands are increasing all the time, with stress, workload and […]

Stressed? Become Too Strong For Stress

As Individuals, Everyone Stresses Sometimes. We all know the story. You can be on top of everything. A good job, a nice house, a fancy car and a great family. It’s all good. But it doesn’t come for free. There is a price to pay. There’s a big work load, it’s hard to balance your […]

The Shortcut to Work-Life Balance

Work-life Balance is Important. You know that already. If it’s out of whack, you feel the emotional and psychological strain. And it also has a big impact on physical health. Not good for performance. Not for you, not for the people around you, and not for your employees. On the flip side, proper work-life balance […]

Keto Diets (Atkins, Banting etc) and How to Properly Use Them

What is it? Ketogenic (Keto) diets are high fat, moderate protein and very low carb diets. They’re great for weight loss, and if done properly have a number of health benefits. That said, if you have diabetes (especially type 1) check with your doctor first before beginning a keto diet. How does it work?  When […]

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