Author: Brendon Katz


Hydration and Performance

Making sure you are drinking enough water is worth paying attention to. We’re outlining why hydration is so important. The benefits of adequate hydration: You’ll live more comfortably for longer, maybe. You’ll reduce your risk of the following diseases: Functional constipation Headache Orthostatic hypotension (Light-headedness) Delirium Cerebral infarct (Stroke) Deep vein thrombosis Diabetes mellitus Obesity You’ll […]

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wellness wheel

The Wellness Wheel & Check List

In this post, we will cover the sections of the wellness wheel, what each one is, and how you can decide on steps to move toward wellness. The wheel consists of 7 segments: Intellectual Wellness Emotional Wellness Environmental Wellness Financial/Occupational Wellness Physical Wellness Social Wellness Spiritual Wellness Imagine the wheel as a car tyre. The […]

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Sleep more. Feel better, look better, perform better.

When we sleep more, we feel better, we look better and we perform better. How does sleep help us? We can pretty conclusively say that less than 7 hours of sleep will significantly reduce your performance and your results (physically, cognitively and emotionally). Lack of sleep substantially reduces cognitive performance, fat loss, learning, your long […]

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The Surprising Relationship Between Sleep and Weight Loss

The healthy trinity consists of sleep, nutrition and exercise. If you want to be physically and mentally healthy, those are the 3 bases to take care of. I can’t think of anyone who doesn’t believe proper exercise and proper nutrition is important to living a healthy life. Yet there’s this “sleep machismo” pervading society – […]

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Fight Sports Centre exercising

The Cognitive, Emotional and Physical Benefits of Exercising

Exercise changes the way you think, changes the way you feel, and changes the way you perform. If you want to live your best life, exercise needs to be a part of it. You’ll think better, feel better and do better for longer with the right kind of exercise in your life. When it comes […]

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Why we emphasise the importance of breathing, how we do it in the sessions and the carry-over benefits for you. Breathing forms a fundamental part of most martial arts, and also fundamental part of not dying. So it’s safe to say it’s one of our most important functions. You’ll hear us remind you of your […]

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The Importance of Breathing Properly

Breathing is quite important. We can go for weeks without food, days without water, but only minutes without air. Don’t be a mouth-breather. Mouth breathers are dumb. Two quick anecdotes I’d like you to consider. As I understand it, the very first thing children when training to become Zen monks is to learn and control […]

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fight sports centre

This is Fight Sports Centre

Fight Sports Centre is about changing lives. We know that if you have an interest in fighting sports, and you pursue it, you’ll love it. You’ll learn valuable skills while you engage in a good physical workout. These training sessions will help you feel better and be better for the people around you. You’ll be […]

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middle aged training

Fitness For Middle Aged Adults is not “one-size-fits-all”

I’m middle-aged and want to lose weight, tone up, get in shape, move, look, and feel better…what do I do? Going to the typical health club and sitting down on a bunch of machines…the ineffectiveness of this should be self-explanatory. Your body has succumbed to tight fascia (the tissue around your muscles) over the years […]

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Combat Sports Training

6 Excuses For Not Training (That Just Don’t Fly)

Combat sports have a stigma around them which makes people less likely to start combat sports training. We’ve identified the popular excuses people love to use to skip a workout. These excuses just don’t fly with us. Take a look at the top 6 excuses we’ve heard and how we put them to bed. I […]

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