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Why train at Fight Sports Centre?

Really fun environment

Brendon’s coaching is always pushing my limits so after every session I feel great because I’ve learnt something new! It’s also a really fun environment, and I still learn practical skills at an exponential rate. What I enjoy most is the mental challenge. It’s not just a mind-numbing workout but a chance to engage both my body and mind…

Dirk Visser
Head of Innovation – CBR Marketing Solutions

Reignited the fire I have been missing

Martial arts have always been my lifelong passion and because of this I have a long history of training in various styles achieving different levels of proficiency in each over many years. It’s so important to approach training with an open mind and an “empty cup” so to speak, always being an absolute beginner.I really appreciate the patient but steady pace of the training. The early focus on footwork, timing, distancing, stance, balance and basics, builds a strong foundation like I’ve never experienced before. Coach applies useful, interesting and practical drills specific to each person in the class in developing these key areas and you can literally feel yourself improve in every single drill.Focusing on the principles and basics and not being forced into sparring beyond your level early on or worrying about how hard or fast you are hitting lets you get comfortable with the principles and process of the art behind the martial art.

I had lost passion for training for a long time but can comfortably say Coach has reignited the fire I have been missing for so long. I have found a style that’s effective, deep, interesting and challenging, that feels natural and exciting for me all thanks to Coach’s intuitive and innovative training methods.

Craig Blumenthal
Attorney - Fluxman’s Attorneys

Consistent fitness training and more strength

I was looking to find exercise that was enjoyable and allowed me to I earn a new skill. I am hoping to get fitter, healthier but also to build confidence through boxing.

In the short time that I have participated, I have seen a marked difference in my physique, fitness levels as well as bravery. Brendon is a quality coach who builds his program in a step by step way that is accessible to all levels.

I’ve also had general improvement across other sports like Soccer, owing to consistent fitness training and more strength on the ball and in defence. This was expected but al ways pleasant to see.

I especially enjoy how Brendon has slowly increased the level of sparring and I have enjoyed how the class mix between focused sparring and free sparring. It’s been lots of fun and I’m keen to see where it all ends up.

Dan Herman
Senior Strategist - Aqua

I’m a different person now

I’ve been training in various martial arts with Brendon Katz for a long while and the impact of martial arts, specifically MMA, boxing and BJJ, on my life has been immeasurable – I’m a different person now from who I was when I started training.

Martial arts training has given me a level of self-assurance and and calmness under pressure that I have never had before. I am able to think on my feet; aggressively and tactically, which is invaluable in my profession as an attorney. The impact of these so called “softskills” on one’s career cannot be overstated.
Physically, MMA training, is with out parallel. I have developed physical attributes that would have been out of my reach were it not for the skills and ethic relating to strength and conditioning which I have acquired in my training.

Most importantly,and by far of greatest impact in my life, training in the martial arts with Katz has led me down a road of self-examination and growth, philosophically and spiritually, which has fundamentally changed the nature of my relationship with myself and by extension with those around me.

Stephen May


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