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Frequently Asked Questions

Striking Classes FAQs

What gear do I need to start?

Just a tee shirt and shorts. You don’t need a gum guard for your first session, you don’t need gloves.

There’s nothing you need to bring with you except shorts, a tee and an open mind.

I’m brand new. Am I going to get my ass kicked?

It is safe for beginners. Rule number 1 is safety first. We actually prefer when beginners come in because there’s no bad habits to get rid of.

How heavy is the contact?

Contact starts very low and very light and gradually increases as willingness and ability increases.

Wrestling Classes FAQs

What gear do I need to start?

Shorts and a tee shirt. You don’t need anything else for your first session.

Will I learn how to use and defend against joint locks, chokes and other submissions?

This is wrestling adapted for MMA, so we do include submission defence and how to use submissions, how to use the full MMA game and not just strict wrestling.

Do I need to get in shape before I start?

There are no minimum athletic requirements to start. Your athleticism will develop, your flexibility, your mobility, your core strength, your power will develop naturally through the training.


Starting gear:

We strongly recommend bringing a gum guard and a ball box when you come for you first MMA session. Tee shirt and shorts required too. Everything else we have here.

Am I going to get smashed?

Contact starts low, contact increases with willingness and capability.

Do I to be able to box and wrestle before I come to an MMA class?

You don’t need a base in any of the other sports to start in MMA, you can just come in and jump right in and you will develop the skills as you are going.

Kid’s Classes FAQs

What do I need for my kid to start?

First thing is to gauge the child’s interest. Usually wait up to 8 weeks before encouraging parents to buy a gi (the white outfit).

Gi’s cost about R600.

I’m worried about my child getting injured

Cassim has had only 1 minor injury in 4 years. Occasionally the kids bump heads to lips or noses so there’s a bit of blood. Cassim coaches the child through is, the parents are not allowed to get involvement, and 9 /10 times that kid is back on the mat rolling right away.

Won’t rolling competitively/intensely with older kids hurt my child?

Intensity ranges with higher intensity with the bigger kids, while more play-play for the younger kids.

I don’t like competition. Why is it encouraged?

Competition is encouraged because it opens the kids up, it teaches them to push the boundaries, its good for their character. They must learn that hard work brings achievement. They must be able to say I’ve been there, and done that. They must know that about themselves so they can carry themselves with pride.


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