Firstly you going to build endurance and feel what it’s like to train. You’re not gonna go hard at first, you’re gonna take it easy. First session, easy. second session mild, third session you can choose if you want to up it or if you want to keep it to that pace.

You’ll see & feel improvements as you continue training, and Frans will make sure to turn up the intensity dial a bit so you keep getting better and better workouts in, and you keep making improvements to how your body looks and feels.

You’ll start with a warm-up and stretching to make sure you are warm and not tight. You’ll begin with a variety of cardio and footwork drills. then you’ll work on the bags, punching, kicking and doing body weight exercises. Then you’ll work on your strength & core, still while doing punching and kicking pads with Frans. You’ll finish with sit-ups and stretching.

Kickboxing is a fantastic way to shape your body, burn unwanted weight and have a really fun workout.

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