Judo, which translates to “the gentle way”, is a fairly modern martial art that was established by Jigoro Kano in 1882. in 1964 it was recognised as an official Olympic sport. That competition has sharpened Judo to a fine point, making it very effective for competition in MMA and for self defence. MMA legends like Ronda Rousey relied extensively on Judo for success.


It’s an excellent & tough full body workout. You’ll learn how to throw someone to the ground, how to hold them down and how to wrap them up in joint locks and chokes.You’ll also learn how to fight your way onto the ground or off it, which is invaluable for self-defence.

Tatakai Judo is developed by Gavin Harris, who was ranked between #1 and #3 all through his career as a Judoka, and he retired as #2 in RSA. He is 2nd dan in Judo. He has extensive experience training with some of the finest coaches in the world in Judo & Sambo and he holds a purple belt in Brazilian Ju Jitsu. He is also the grappling coach of the Fight Sports Centre MMA team.

You’ll learn the high percentage throws from Judo, Sambo & Freestyle & Greco-Roman wrestling, as well as submissions common in Judo and BJJ including chokes and joint locks and you’ll have a good time and a good sweat doing it. Beginners are welcome, booking is essential.

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