Functional fitness training is build on a variety of multi-joint movements to improve the way you perform movements commonly encountered in your day to day life. You’ll feel better with everything from going up stairs to moving couches.

Functional fitness training is a more natural way to move your body, compared to conventional bodybuilder style isolation training. Rather than relying on machines with restrictive ranges of motion, you’ll use more free weight & body weight exercises, and that’ll improve your mastery over your own body. You’ll move through a greater range of motion, which improves mobility, joint stability, and functional strength.

Functional training challenges the full spectrum of body systems, improving your cardiovascular health, your strength, your endurance etc. That’s a more complete package than just about any other type of exercise!

You’ll feel healthier, stronger and more capable in your day to day life and all the movements you perform daily. You’ll also be better prepared for any sort of unusual, strenuous physical activity. You’ll enjoy a more active lifestyle, an improved quality of life, and you’ll be able to kick your kid’s asses at sports!

Our functional fitness trainer, Richard Fraser, is highly qualified, and you’ll be able to engage with him with personal conversations on topics including health, nutrition, stress & fitness and he can give you properly educated answers!

You’ll begin each session with a warmup, and then perform some combination of weight training, high intensity training and cardio training. You’ll finish with mobility exercises and stretching.

Don’t just bang weights around, come in and get results!

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