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Striking, Wrestling, MMA

Striking Classes

Striking classes teach fundamentals of striking that apply to all striking sports. These fundamentals apply because they use the laws of physics, as opposed to the normal methods most people take. Stuff like how to use distance, how to use angles, how to use elevation to change your position in 3 dimensions so that whatever technique your opponent is using will fail and how to apply your own techniques effectively.

It doesn’t matter whether your brand new and you’ve never trained before, because then you are going to learn from a solid foundation. Even if you’re very experienced, you’ll learn to understand the game on a deeper level that makes it a lot easier to conceptualise and apply, it’ll improve your understanding and your game will jump because of it.

It’s excellent for self-defence. It’s real applicable skills to control a fight and not just theoretical if/then scenarios. You’ll develop an understanding of how to fight and how to control a fight in the same way that when you learned to drive you had to concentrate on particular things (like balancing your clutch on a hill) and now you can just drive, it happens naturally. It’s the same with fighting, you’ll start to naturally do the right things. Because of that, you’ll have a massive advantage against any opponent.

We have unique drills and methods to ensure you learn the skills well and you are able to apply them naturally. As you progress deeper into the game, there will be less thinking and more acting, so your energy output will increase, you’ll burn more calories and you will become fitter.

What gear do I need to start?

Just a tee shirt and shorts. You don’t need a gum guard for your first session, you don’t need gloves.

There’s nothing you need to bring with you except shorts, a tee and an open mind.

I’m brand new. Am I going to get my ass kicked?

It is safe for beginners. Rule number 1 is safety first. We actually prefer when beginners come in because there’s no bad habits to get rid of.

How heavy is the contact?

Contact starts very low and very light and gradually increases as willingness and ability increases.

Brendon’s coaching is always pushing my limits so after every session I feel great because I’ve learnt something new! It’s also a really fun environment, and I still learn practical skills at an exponential rate. What I enjoy most is the mental challenge. It’s not just a mind-numbing workout but a chance to engage both my body and mind…

Dirk Visser

Wrestling Classes

With the wrestling classes, the focus is on timing, movement and leverage, rather than detailed techniques that are difficult to learn and have a lot of steps to them that you have to learn how to apply.

The biggest difference between what we coach and the standard approach is the underlying philosophy. It is about using powerful movements, and the general opinion is that wrestling relies on explosiveness and athleticism, which isn’t exactly correct. It’s about using leverage. The common thinking is that with leverage you don’t have to use force. That’s not how it works. Leverage is a force multiplier, so the better the leverage and the more force you put in, the more powerful the result. The thing is to use force smartly and put yourself in positions where leverage is strongest.

From a self-defence perspective, going to the ground is not what you want. So you need to be in control of whether a fight goes to the ground or not, and if it does, you need to be able to get up very quickly. There’s no two ways about it, even if you are brilliant on the ground, if you hit the ground and stay there, and there is even one another guy you are going to get kicked in the head and that’s not going to end well.

From a sport perspective, high level wrestling is the highest percentage way to win. If you have only one style, it must be Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, but we are past the days of only having one style. Now where the sport is, the guys who are able to control where the fight happens, who are able to keep top position and land strikes win far more fights than the guys who rely on trying to catch submissions from the bottom.

What gear do I need to start?

Shorts and a tee shirt. You don’t need anything else for your first session.

Will I learn how to use and defend against joint locks, chokes and other submissions?

This is wrestling adapted for MMA, so we do include submission defence and how to use submissions, how to use the full MMA game and not just strict wrestling.

Do I need to get in shape before I start?

There are no minimum athletic requirements to start. Your athleticism will develop, your flexibility, your mobility, your core strength, your power will develop naturally through the training.

Fantastic mma gym. Great leadership and champions to train with both technically and in terms of fitness.

Nkopane Kevin Pheko

MMA Classes

There are various things that are unique about the sport of MMA. The way that fighters need to integrate striking into no-gi takedowns and then takedowns back into striking, and striking into submissions and submissions back to striking. We put a lot of emphasis on working that aspect of the game.

We also coach unique positions that are not well known by any means, and that may be coached nowhere else. They have been developed specifically for MMA by our fighters and they have been tested in competition at the highest competition locally.

Starting gear:

We strongly recommend bringing a gum guard and a ball box when you come for you first MMA session. Tee shirt and shorts required too. Everything else we have here.

Am I going to get smashed?

Contact starts low, contact increases with willingness and capability.

Do I to be able to box and wrestle before I come to an MMA class?

You don’t need a base in any of the other sports to start in MMA, you can just come in and jump right in and you will develop the skills as you are going.

Absolutely quality training sessions ! You arrive with questions and leave with answers ! Brendan always explains the aspect of “why” we do things and it allows me personally to grow!

Peter Jordaan


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