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About Fight Sports Centre

Brendon Katz


Brendon KatzI’ve been in martial arts my whole life. I started training when I was very young. One thing led to another and I did Judo, Jiu Jitsu and Kung Fu. Moved from there to boxing when I was about 15 or 16, I used to run to the boxing gym.

From there I moved into Krav Maga when I was about 17 and I did that for a number of years. After I’d been training for about 2 years or so, it got to the point where I was one of the seniors in the class and  a new guy came in who was around 6’4 and 120kg and reasonably athletic. He and I were intensely competitive because his size and his strength would make up for his lack of skill which is what compensated for my smaller stature.

We would roll very competitively. We would just keep going and going until one of us was just too tired to continue.

I began training in MMA to supplement my Krav Maga training. I found that I’d arrive there and guys who’d been training for a very short time were wiping the floor with me. So I moved gyms very quickly.

I loved the one on one competition of it, whether in a formal competition or a training environment. And I wanted to win. So I started training in MMA exclusively. A couple of months after that I went back to my old gym.

And I rolled with the guy again, and I submitted him with an armbar, explained what he did wrong, and submitted him with the same armbar again… all within one minute. It made it clear to me that there was a right way and a wrong way of doing things. It wasn’t just how hard you trained, it was also how smartly you trained and that there is an art to fighting.

I’ve worked with a number of coaches. Not because I felt like I had learnt all I could, that was never the case, but when life got in the way.

Training With Champions

Brendon KatzI was blessed enough to train with one of the greatest boxing trainers worldwide, ever. When I started training there, it was an eye opening experience. When I got there I was already competing in the EFC, I had a reputation for being tough so I thought I was good. They wiped the floor with me for months.

That opened my eyes to what it’s like training at the level of world champions. Doing things the way it needs to be done to produce champions. That was the greatest experience of my sporting career, and an absolute honour and blessing to have spent time there.

The Idea of Fight Sports Centre

From there, I trained with a number of other brilliant coaches. Because I had to travel from place to place to find quality coaching, I started hatching this idea in my mind of one day having a training centre where all the best coaches were. So you didn’t have to go from place to place to get the very best training. A centre for producing champions. World champions, the best fighters in the world.

Fight Sports CentreSo that’s where the idea of Fight Sports Centre started coming from. I love the precise, violent beauty of the art of martial arts. The Centre is a place for the spreading of that passion, that love for the game. The guys who do the coaching are all world class and they understand the game on a very deep level, so our coaching is a fantastic way to experience just how cool martial arts really is.



Thinking about Training?

There is a beauty to martial arts and training is the only way to understand why people who are passionate about martial arts are so passionate about it.

We run beginners classes to make sure everybody is at the level they are at, so they are training with who they should be training with and nobody gets hurt and everybody has a good time. It is a rough sport, that’s the nature of it, and it’s not for everybody.

If you have a passing interest in martial arts its worth exploring and coming in for a session. There’s not even a cost to coming in for your first few sessions. You may find that you really love martial arts and want to pursue it further. Or not, that’s your call.

You can rest assured that the coaches we have are of the finest quality. You’ll receive tip top training each and every session.

If training in martial arts is something that interest you, you should come in and give it a go.


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